Thursday, 2 February 2017

The Development of Unexpected Linkages Series (Part.1)

At the beginning, I designed a work called HeadpieceThis would look like the head of a human. I began by creating a 3D CAD drawing of an ancient glass cup (see Fig. 1) on my computer screen. This process enables me to engage with the relic in different angles, levels, and colours (Fig. 2). Throughout these experiments the form of the glass cup revealed its potential to be a piece of jewellery.

The 180 degree-rotated shape (Fig. 3) is evocative of a human head with a traditional Korean hairstyle (Fig. 4). This manipulation and combination of viewpoints provides me with a new perception of the objects and offers me a new way of presenting readings of the relics, symbols, and patterns from the three kingdoms. I became able to see unexpected visual elements of relics by looking at different perspectives.

Work on the body!
1 pair of earrings, 10 rings and 1 brooch. These are all wearable.

Unexpected Linkages Series (Korean) #2,
Korean: The Five Traditional Colours
3D printed nylon, Sterling Silver, Ink, Paint
144 x 96 x 35 mm

The Unexpected Linkages Series (Korean) #2, Korean: The Five Traditional Colours is a composite artwork which consists of 10 rings, 1 pair of earrings and 1 brooch.